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HUD Summer Internships Applications 2022 | Apply Online!


    Students interested in public service and policy should take advantage of the HUD Summer Internship Program 2022. The program offers paid internships in a variety of HUD offices, including community planning, policy development, and program management. House interns must be currently enrolled at an accredited college or university. In addition to working long hours, participants must be able to travel to various HUD offices across the country. Public service can be learned through the program

    About The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

    Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is an executive department within the U.S. government. It is responsible for administering federal housing and urban development laws. The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development reports directly to the President of the United States and is a member of the president’s Cabinet. As part of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” program, it was established as a Cabinet department in 1965 to develop and implement housing and metropolitan policies.

    Real Estate Development Internship:

    Real estate development internships allow students to gain real-world experience in the field of real estate development. Typically, students will work in a real estate development office or in a related field, such as marketing or finance.


    Company Name: United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
    Company Website:
    Numbers Of Available Internship: 20+
    Category: Government Department


    • Programming for education
    • Educate the organization’s audience through diverse educational initiatives. Educate and produce public programs.
    • Program for Most Endangered Properties (MEP)
    • Organize annual photography exhibits; solicit nominations and research; prepare supporting documentation; coordinate gallery exhibit logistics, marketing, and implementation; prepare
    • press releases; design postcards (and additional print collateral) and coordinate mailing and distribution; plan and coordinate gallery receptions and exhibits.
    • Awarded annually for historic preservation
    • Work with staff to design nomination forms; coordinate mailings and solicitation of nominations from the general public, members, architects, developers, non-profits, and others.
    • Technical Assistance/Inquiries from the public
    • Answer questions from the public about preservation issues and suggest appropriate resources, such as government offices, neighborhood associations, and local non-profits.

    How To Apply For a HUD Internship Application 2022?

    A housing and urban development internship is a great way to break into the industry. These events give you a chance to learn more about the department and its programs.
    First, you will need to create an account on the HUD website in order to apply for an internship. Include your resume, education, and work experience. Two references must also be provided.
    Application forms must be submitted once your profile has been completed.

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